I am an interactive art director, UI / UX designer, and front-end web developer. I also have a great deal of experience in print design, product design, branding, and event design.

Originally from Chicago, I now reside in Denver with my beautiful wife and a lot of electronic devices. Since moving to Colorado 4 years ago, I’ve established myself in the Denver design scene and am currently the Interactive Art Director at Fireant Studio and a freelance designer and front-end developer.

My greatest passions in life are my family, my faith, and graphic design. I’m a graphic designer because I genuinely enjoy making cool things for cool people. I love design and I genuinely enjoy doing it every day, especially when I get to do it with funny, interesting people.

As far as my interests in design, I love it when something looks good, and love it even more when what I’m designing is conceptually interesting. I like using the color orange. I love to use design to help others. I love it when parameters are placed on a project (either by me or the client) that make a problem more difficult to solve. And I really like working on projects that challenge me.

My goal as a designer is to constantly push myself, add to my skill set, and continually feel challenged by the work I’m doing. And I’m always seeking new ways to do this. So if you have a project or opportunity you’d be interested in working together on, feel free to reach out. Or check out my resume to get more specifics about my experience.

Some Things I Like:

Design (Put whatever word you’d like in front of it: Graphic, Web, UI, UX, Product, etc)
Mixing Design and Spirituality
Engaging User Experiences
The Color Orange
Futurama Bender’s Big Score
Dreamo and Chillwave Music
Being in mountainous terrain
Personal Projects (Example: Lisstr)
Good Typography
iOS Modding
TV: Contact me if you want to discuss!
Being Fit

Here are some pictures of me.

In case the bio wasn’t enough.

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