Project Background

K23 Films is a creative agency in Boulder, Colorado. They specialize in film and motion production, as well as telling great stories with their content. The founder of the company designed the original K23 Films logo, which had been in use since the company’s inception and and was beginning to overstay its welcome.

They came to Fireant Studio in hopes of receiving a complete visual overhaul. They needed new branding and brand resources (stationery, brand guidelines book, font and logo packages, etc) and wanted to start from the ground up. This was in conjunction with the website design, which Fireant and I were already working on. Working on the two projects simultaneously allowed me to create a logo design that reflected the direction of the website and vice-versa.

Client Goals

We were in agreement that if K23 was to be rebranded, the new logo would need to be more striking and iconic than ever. Their previous logo (above) felt a little outdated to them and they decided it wasn’t as powerful as they wanted it to be.

My goal after hearing that feedback was to create a logo that was as simple as possible. With time, our goal was to make the new logo iconic and easily recognizable. And, in fitting with the style of K23’s work, they also wanted something a little abstract, geometric, and modern.

My Role

My role in the project was the lead Art Director and sole designer. I worked collaboratively to brainstorm and narrow down designs with the rest of the Fireant team and K23 team, but I was the only designer actively working on the project.

Project Process

Ideation / Discovery

The ideation phase for this project incorporated extensive and collaborative design research with the client. I initially assembled a mood board of aesthetics, visual styles, and inspirational logos to show them. Then we built upon it with more logos that the client wanted to use as design influence. Once we were all in agreement on a style to pursue, we began the process of creating initial logos.

The images below show some of the logos I used as inspiration:

Initial Brainstorming

Aesthetically, I wanted to create something very geometric and angular, while still maintaining a level of abstraction. In this phase, no idea was off the table. I brainstormed for 2 days, coming up with over a 100 different logos. Experimental, abstract typography and geometric shapes led the way in this phase. At this stage I was specifically focusing my ideas around the primary elements of the K23 name (the “K” and “23”). Once I had assembled a group of about 60 logos that were being well-received among the Fireant Team, we got the K23 team involved.

Client Interaction

To begin refining the logo and narrowing down the directions into a smaller group, we invited the client in to discuss them. I led the K23 team through an interactive selection process that slowly narrowed down directions in a fun, collaborative way. This interactive activity is a great way to ensure branding clients feel included, involved, and heard during the process of creating a new brand for them.

We went through this activity on 3 separate occasions, slowly eliminating ideas and narrowing in on the perfect direction.

Refinement and Finalization

Once K23 and Fireant were in agreement on a direction, we began exploring and refining options within that visual style. We created another, smaller batch of logos that were more polished and allowed the client to make another selection. This selection evolved into the final logo. With that, we created a robust, in-depth brand standards booklet, print materials and stationery, a beautiful color palette, and a full brand package that K23 can now use everywhere they need it.

Brand Guidelines

In the brand guidelines I also outlined the grid system that was used to create the logo. I clearly communicated to the client how it can be used, the typography that goes with it, the correct color scheme, and how to pair the logos with images.

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