Bruiser Music

Branding, album art, and web design/development for an independent musician.

After numerous successful projects with Steve Davenport (including his website and book cover) he began telling me about some songs he was writing with a guy who goes by “Bruiser” and asked if I’d be interested in doing the album art for a collaboration album they were working on. After much emailing with Bruce and Steve the album “This Noise In My Blood” was completed and a great relationship with Bruce was formed. After seeing him perform the album, both us knew we wanted more work from each other.

From there I designed another of his albums, “Tip Top Tap.” Once both of these albums were published and released, Bruiser realized he needed a place to house both these albums and the numerous albums he released before meeting me. Together, we decided on designing a Bandcamp site that could sell, stream, or display all of these great musical works.

And he quickly outgrew Bandcamp and decided to hire me again for a responsive, interactive wordpress site to stream, sell, and share his music.

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