Cusp Conference 2012

 Cusp Conference is a conference about the design of everything. Past presenters have included people from Adam Curry to Yves Behar and have been graphic designers, musicians, biologists, and everything in between.

While working at smbolic, I had a large role in making sure the 2012 conference went off without a hitch. I designed all the print materials, including books, name tags, posters, banners and more. Additionally, I was there in the heat of things setting up what I designed, interacting with presenters and attendees and ensuring that everyone was having as awesome a time as I was.

Trying to simply show photographs of the various things that were designed for this event wouldn’t do the event justice. There is really only one way to truly understand what cusp is, and that’s by being there. Note: images below courtesy of smbolic.

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