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eFowl is a massive eCommerce platform for buying and selling chickens, farm animals, and supplies on the internet (and shipping them via the USPS). In conjunction with a complete rebranding project, I did a complete site redesign as well. When eFowl approached Fireant their goal was to move their business into a more modern platform and do a complete UI/UX overhaul.

In doing so, Fireant and I did extensive eCommerce research, identified the pain points of the existing site, and created a user-tested workflow that made selecting products and checking out as seamless as possible.

The biggest challenge of of this project was accurately identifying the scope. We quickly realized that we were essentially creating an Amazon-esque marketplace for a variety of vendors to sell their products. And with each vendor came different purchasing rules. For example, one vendor doesn’t have the proper shipping containers to safely sell fewer than X number of chickens at one time, while another can’t ship fewer than Y number of chickens.

That leads to a difficult checkout process for a user who previously had no idea such rules existed and just wants someone to tell them what to buy and how much it will cost. So with each item added to the cart, we provided users with a variety of interactive elements to guide them to the next item that could help fulfill their order minimum. We also implemented unique cart and product card interactions to help users get to the checkout process as efficiently as possible.

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