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Dubbed FAS8, the new Fireant Studio website (the 8th iteration of the site since the company was founded), was designed to be everything the previous iterations were not: fast, effective, bold, and immediately browsable. We wanted as many projects as possible to be viewed and as few distractions to get in the way.

So, as I designed the site, I created two formats for viewing projects that are dispersed throughout the design: card and text-based links. I also chose to create a unique color scheme for each project on the site to further customize each project detail page. Those color schemes are also spread throughout the site to create more project recognition and allow repeat visitors to find the project they last saw easily.

Additionally, throughout my time at Fireant, I’ve been slowly evolving and updating our branding, standard typefaces, layouts, and icon set. One of my primary goals in designing this site was to adapt the branding that I had already been using on social media, Dribbble, and print materials to our website (see a recent print ad at the bottom of the page).

For a closer look at the design please view the interactive prototype of the site on Invision.

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