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K23 Media is a motion and video firm that I also worked on the branding for. They approached Fireant wanting a website that could be both experimental and beautiful. To start, I took a lot of time to do research on the different aesthetic directions I wanted to take the site in. My initial inspiration came from motion studios like Territory (the company responsible for the UI design in The Martian). I wanted to replicate the futuristic and technical motion design from movies like Jack Ryan (which I’ve never actually seen, beyond UI demo reels), and the cream and gold color scheme that I created when doing K23’s branding. The result was a design that felt both timeless and forward-thinking.

In the design phase, I created content sections that would allow for parallax scrolling, unique animations, and bold typography. The most unique aspect of the website design is the homepage which features and interactive navigation structure that connects with the background video. The line that is constantly being drawn around the circle is the timeline for the background video, which is divided into six sections (one for each navigation item). This allows viewers to be immediately greeted with their video content and the experimental nature of the site. But, for users that aren’t up for the experimental navigation, they can scroll down below the fold and get a more traditional “Table of Contents.”

I also worked extensively with our development team, writing many pages of site specs to direct exactly how each element would be executed. In doing so, I also did a good portion of the front-end development on the site.

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