Landscape Forms

Branding and website design for a world-renowned outdoor furniture company.

Working with smbolic, I designed the website for Landscape Forms. Known for their impeccable furniture quality and forward-thinking style, Landscape Forms is one of the most known and respected out-door furniture designers and manufacturers in the world. In designing the website I wanted to showcase their work and process as much as possible.

My focus in re-designing their website was to make it easily navigable and visually striking. The collapsable, layered menu allows the the user to always know where they are, where they came from, and where they can go next.

In redesigning the website, smbolic and I rebranded the company as well. From a new logo, to style guides, to email signatures, to photography requirements and more, we completely changed the way Landscape Forms represented themselves and how they would be seen in the future.

And from there, it was only natural to start creating advertisements as new products were designed and released. Magazine ads that I designed for Landscape Forms have appeared in Arc Records, Metropolis Magazine, Landscape Architecture Magazine, and more.

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