LiveWell Colorado

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In their own words, “LiveWell Colorado is a nonprofit organization committed to reducing obesity in Colorado by promoting healthy eating and active living.” Their website is something we’ve been managing and upgrading for years but when we inherited it, the code, UI, design, and CMS all were badly in need of an upgrade. So when we sat out to redesign and develop the site, it was largely a project based around information architecture. With over 1500 pages in the site, we had to come up with a very reliable and user-friendly way to ensure that all of the content could be easily accessed and understood by the end-user. I accomplished this through color-coding, tiered navigation elements, good UI hierarchy, and lots of deep linking to ensure that the user stays on the site rather than getting lost and bouncing. In the end, it was an award-winning site that was not only well-received by LiveWell, but also by its thousands of regular users.

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