It’s no coincidence that the Greek island of Lesvos (or Lesbos as it is also commonly spelled) is the world capital for lesbianism. So when the tourism department of the city of Molyvos approached smbolic and I about redesigning and rebranding the island and it’s various attractions we all wanted to promote the area in a way that would accept everyone and offend no one while tastefully not drawing too much attention to the various sexual orientations of the island.

This is really the first branding project I’ve worked on where the logo itself was subject to change in almost all of it’s different uses. Together we decided to create a logo that could stand alone, or be a part of a 3-component design, depending on its usage. The logo above is the final logo for Molyvos. Once we had designed that logo, we took the same approach to designing logos for Lesvos’s other major cities: Petra and Mytilene, and later Eresos. Once we had those four city logos, we added the option of a tagline and a photo to the logo. These three elements together (city, tagline, and photo) brought the logo to life in a way that any one element never could. We also created icons, color schemes, style and usage guides, and more for the tourism department so that everything could stay consistent and unified.

After we had a finalized logo framework, we began creating numerous advertisements, booklets, brochures, and a website. All of these things are still in production, so stay tuned. But soon you’ll be able to vacation to the beautiful island of Lesvos and see how this design construct can benefit the culture there.

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