n To Watch: Type Alliance

The After School Type Alliance was a group of four senior designers at UIUC that designed new typefaces and typographic experiments as an extra-curricular activity. I started the group in anticipation of participating in the “n To Watch” gallery series at Figure One. As a design collective, we collaboratively designed four typefaces and created an exhibition that built and aesthetic around them.

The four typefaces were each designed with different purposes and methods in mind. “Inclination” was designed modularly on a diagonal grid. “Epitaxy” was spawned from an experiment with using an entire group of shapes in creating each letter, but later became about layering, impossible dimensionality, and “weights” that overlay on each other. “Porcelain” is a raster typeface made from photographed folded vinyl letters. Our last typeface is exclusively digital, imagining the future of web typography by adding a time and animation element to each letter.

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