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When reading through the four Gospels, I became fascinated specifically by the ending of each one. Because I know the Bible is true, I believe that there are no contradictions in it. But reading the events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection, I couldn’t help but feel like there were some. Questions like “how many women were at the tomb,” “what time did they get there,” “who Did Jesus reveal himself to first,” and others seemed to be answered differently by each Gospel. So my goal in this project was to study out this topic in depth and arrange a chronological sequence of events that brings all four tellings of the resurrection into harmony. To do this, I treated the gospels like sources of data and created an infographic to properly arrange each person, place, and event in a way that does not contradict with any of the Gospels.

Then, using that data, I plotted all the events surrounding the resurrection in chronological order. I did my best to discern who was involved in each event, where each event took place, and visually unify all four gospels. When looking at the events surrounding the resurrection in any of the four gospels individually, things seem pretty straightforward. But when trying to amalgamate all four of them, the parties involved, sequence of events, times, and locations of those events become quite difficult to parse. However, this sequence of events puts the gospels together in a way that not only makes logical sense, but also presents no conflict with any of the Biblical accounts.

For a better view:

I created a small website to view this infographic at a much more readable size. This was designed to be a print piece where a viewer can get closer to it but this in-person experience is difficult to replicate digitally. That said, I believe the site I created will drastically help in making each person’s journey through the timeline easy to follow. View that site here on desktop, and here on mobile.

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